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Help with transport to hospital or other friendly support

Become A Volunteer

Our ability to provide the service to those most in need of your help relies on our volunteers, hopefully you.

If you are able to spare a bit of time during your week, to help with transport to hospital or a special appointment, of if you are able to give some of your time to spend doing something with someone that could really do with a bit of company then we need your help.

Our volunteers are our pride and we value them greatly, the act of giving your time, from what our volunteers tell us, is incredibly rewarding.

Your help and valuable time is greatly appreciated.

What Do I Need To Know?

Our Volunteers come from all walks of life. They have a wide range of ages, interests and skills.
Their role is a supporting one. Special qualifications are not necessary, but discretion and tact are important.

You can either help with transport or give a bit of your time to spend with someone in need of company. Many of our volunteers do both when they have the time.

In some ways it can be demanding. We try our best to match you with the right person for you and for them, with our lives being so busy with life full of so many distractions we know very well that giving your time may not always work out the way you expect.

It's all about us and you being as flexible as life allows, and just doing what we can.


Our services are provided by volunteers who give freely of their time. We do however reimburse their fuel costs on the basis of the distance involved for each journey.

Volunteers receive a mileage allowance and any out of pocket expenses for duties carried out on behalf of Continuing Care while providing transport support.

Are there Any Checks

Yes, there are. All our volunteers are assessed for suitability during the recruitment process and undergo Disclosure Checks as required for the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme in Scotland.

How Many Times A Week Will I Be Called Upon?

That all really depends on your time. It's all down to you. If you have more time and are willing to share it, then we will be very happy for you to help us whenever you can, but we do not want to overload you.

it is more important that your commitment of time is consistent. We do not want to ask too much of you, so it is best to gradually introduce you to providing the support you can and managing your time availability as we proceed.


Can You Help?

Thank you for your kind consideration. Please let us know below how you think you can help. Or call us if you prefer.

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